New Year – Calling Time.

Last year I made myself a pact – 2015 is to be the year that my debut novel will finally be complete, edited and polished and ready for release. My second novel is currently sitting in a drawer and it’s beginning to make some noise so I think  it’s time to get cracking.

My current novel was finally written last year and I left it for a few months before beginning the serious work of editing and re-writes. Whilst some writers love this stage, I remain neutral. It all seems very muddly at times to me and I hate being or feeling disorganised. The fact that I type my work means I spend days copying, cutting and pasting whilst deleting and adding fresh words. But every word must count. It must deserve to be on the page.

This brings me to dialogue. My male protagonist is a B-17 bomber pilot. A handsome, young American who hails from Texas where his family own a cattle ranch (That’s just a wee glimpse for now). I’m busy researching dialogue and trying to ensure that I have the accent just right. But it’s one of those slightly ‘grey’ areas. Whilst some authors go all out and write distinctive, real dialogue for a character, others tone it down. Perhaps it’s more about getting the balance right.  And if you’re wondering, English RAF pilots/officers really did say such things as ‘Tally ho, Skipper’ and ‘Gone for a Burton,’ (killed in action).


My novel group is fantastic. They have provided some excellent feedback so far and that has been extremely beneficial. A fresh perspective always helps. But this year I’m proud to say that I managed to become a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, joining their New Writers Scheme. This is rather a coup and it means that once my novel is edited I can send it in for a read and an appraisal.  Apparently you get a rather comprehensive report and I can’t wait. This will help with crafting my story into shape because until it’s looking its best, it can’t go out into the big wide yonder. And I’m determined that it will shine one day.

So, I have a few months before I’m required to send this in so for now I’m manically cutting and adding words and living in a literary cave with books piled high around me and notes loitering upon the table whilst everything else is put on hold. I hate to admit it, but having once been the girl who could not settle at home unless all was spick and span, I’ve become used to general untidiness and dust and I can safely state that I couldn’t care less. If anyone else is in the midst of editing, please do send in your comments and any tips are always welcomed. Happy writing.