My Journey to Publication


Well, it has been a long time coming but this year there is an anniversary that is specific to my story and as such I have decided to take the plunge and self-publish. It may sound rather mad to anyone else, but to me, I saw it as a sign to get a move on.

I find myself in the process of revisions once more. However, things are moving on and I have a book cover – professionally designed – and I have been wrestling with writing my own book blurb for weeks. The thing is, everyone I speak to about this says the same. We might be writers, but writing blurbs is a whole new territory. It’s essentially copywriting and it’s a sales pitch. Perhaps writers are the worst choice for this job because we are too close to the story. But there are people out there who write fantastic blurbs and I now have someone on recommendation, so hopefully my problem is solved.


What else? Oh yes, websites. Your author platform is not complete without one. A blog is great but having a professional looking website is even better. Having secured a domain name I now have a website, not that it’s fully functional as yet, but it soon will be. There’s so much to do including marketing and I’m spending hours googling everything I can think of in a bid to learn and be prepared. I need to decide who to use for printing my paperbacks but my book is being released first as an E-book, and so I have a little extra time for this.

For the time being I need to complete my revisions and send off to my editor. I’m hopeful that I will be ready to release my debut in August/September 2016, but if not then it will be a case of “Coming soon” as it has to be as perfect as I can possibly make it before I will allow it to breathe. And, in the spirit of WW2 I shall do this: