We’re Thrilled to Introduce @Suzy_Henderson and her #historicalfiction novel #ASMSG

We’re so excited to have historical novelist, Suzy Henderson, here on the POTL Blog today. Her debut novel, The Beauty Shop, sounds fantastic and we’re deciding which of us gets to read it first. S…

Source: We’re Thrilled to Introduce @Suzy_Henderson and her #historicalfiction novel #ASMSG

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  1. Suzy if you get that trip to Canada organised, let me know in advance. I have a friend in the WWII aviation restoration world and will happily put you in touch. Lovely interview. I, too, was blown away buy Hilary Mantel’s Giving up the Ghost. I have started The Beauty Shop (on my iPad) and it is great, but I still haven’t finished two other books, so it will be a while before I can concentrate on it.

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