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In the aftermath of a violent G8 summit when she almost lost her life, Bronte O_Hara finds herself fighting against her feelings for Marcus Fleming, the policeman who saved her. When M


Today I’m honoured to host my friend and fellow author, Jennifer Young. Her latest novel, After Eden, (book 2 in the Dangerous Friends Series) is released today and she has generously agreed to tell us a little about writing a series, something I’ve never done. Welcome, Jennifer. Congratulations on the latest release. Over to you:

I never set out to write a series.

When I plotted, researched and eventually wrote Blank Space, the first in my Dangerous Friends series, I thought I was writing a stand-alone romantic suspense novel. Bronte and Marcus, my hero and heroine, had serious and almost unresolvable issues, but when I got to the end of the plotting stage, the two of them went off into the sunset for their requisite Happy Ever After.

(That isn’t a spoiler, by the way. The book’s a romance. Of course, they were going to get together…it’s in the rules of the genre.)

The problem is that when I got to the end and read it back…well, it was grim reading. Sure, they were in love, but sometimes love isn’t enough. The difficulties which kept them apart at the beginning were so great — traumatic for Bronte, guilt-inducing for Marcus — that they couldn’t be resolved in that final chapter.

I tried. Believe me, I tried, because it’s romance, and those are the rules. But I couldn’t do it. Bronte was well within her rights to stare back at me from the page and refuse to go gently into the arms of someone who’d treated her the way Marcus did. I wouldn’t have done, knowing that he, though with the best of intentions, had an association with her ex-boyfriend, Eden, that caused her a whole shedload lot of problems. She had a lot to forgive and it couldn’t happen overnight, no matter how attracted the two of them are to one another. Any reader would have known it was contrived; it would have rung horribly false.

In the end, I left Bronte and Marcus with hope, and so far at least no-one seems to have found the ending unsatisfactory, but their story was far from over. So, in order to tie up their relationship, there had to be a second book — the story of what happened after Eden. And at the end of that, I knew there had to be a third — a further progression in their relationship, a further adventure in which they find themselves.

For a happy ending, the things that draw the protagonists together must be stronger than the things that keep them apart — but there are a lot of things, in these two and out of themselves, that conspire against them. Theirs will be a long fight.

“After Eden,” muses Bronte, early in the second book, “how could it be the same between Marcus and me?”

How, indeed?


About the Author:

Author bio compressedJennifer Young is an Edinburgh-based author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. After Eden is the second in her Dangerous Friends series of romantic novels set in Scotland’s capital city.

Books three and four are coming soon.

After Eden is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

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