New Beginnings

I’ve been writing for a few years over at my blog, Lowfell writers place but I thought it might be time to have a more defined site for my actual writing, especially as I’m hoping to have my debut novel finalised later this year.

So, my writing flows from my love of history. I have a passion for both World Wars, but WW2 fills my time at the moment. Cambridge, 1943 is the setting for my debut novel which features Bomber Command, USAAF, romance and some rather unorthodox medical care. The doctor in my novel is based on a real man, who is known but not to the masses and it seems such a travesty in a sense to have achieved so much and become almost forgotten.

That is the greatest part of history for me – discovering the lesser known people and facts. History seems to operate a little like present life, in that the biggest and the most influential and the wealthy and the famous are remembered and dominate our historical resources. The smaller people are left, marginalised in a sense, a mere name in the odd reference book or biography or archive, collecting dust, their names unmentioned. For me, uncovering their stories is fascinating and one becomes compelled to announce it to the world. So, in a nutshell, this is what drives my writing.

Having only recently finished writing my novel, I’m in the process of editing, re-writing and generally polishing. It will then have to go back through the process of critique/editing and I have someone wonderful for that. At the same time, I have to decide whether or not to self publish. It’s been on my mind for some time and I’m still undecided. Watch this space.