Madame Fiocca

The Heroes of War Series Book 2

The Remarkable True Story of Nancy Wake

February 1933: Nancy Wake is a gregarious twenty-year-old looking for adventure. Having fled her unhappy family home in Sydney, she becomes a journalist and is thrilled when she is posted to Paris. The city is glamorous, brimming with journalists, artists, and a growing number of refugees.

Later, in the French Riviera, she uncovers more than news following a chance encounter with wealthy industrialist, Henri Fiocca. Their relationship blossoms as Hitler makes waves across Europe. While on an assignment in Vienna in 1938, she witnesses Nazis whipping Jews on the street and she vows to fight for justice if ever the opportunity arises.

When Henri is called to the Front to fight, Nancy, determined to help the war effort, joins the Red Cross as an ambulance driver. Every day she witnesses atrocities. When Paris falls, Nancy flees the German oppressors and returns to Marseille. France is a nation defeated; its people are in despair.

A chance encounter with a British officer draws Nancy into the heart of the Garrow escape network, despite Henri’s reservations. Soon she finds herself caught up in a deadly game of espionage.

As the iron fist of the enemy tightens, neighbours denounce neighbours. No one can be trusted. When the enemy closes in, Nancy and Henri face an impossible choice. Has she done more harm than good?

Based on a true story of love and a gripping adventure, Madame Fiocca weaves an extraordinary tale of survival and redemption in wartime.

Released December 2019.

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What Readers Are Saying

A stunning novelized bio on Allied spy Nancy Wake, once #1 on the Gestapo’s most wanted list.

“What sets this apart from all the other books on Wake is the author’s engaging writing style and her imagined take on Nancy’s rich inner life. Henderson adds emotional depth that endears Wake forever to us.

You will be inspired, heartbroken, and left asking the question: “Could I do what Nancy did?” 5-Star Review.

Brilliant captivating thrilling read: 5 Stars.

Totally enjoyed The Beauty Shop by Suzy Henderson, so I was looking forward to reading her second book. I was not disappointed.

Based on the life of heroine and resistance fighter Madame Fiocca is a compelling enthralling read. It tells the story of Nancy, a journalist who became involved in the fight against the Nazis in Occupied France. We learn of Nancy’s life in France before the Second World War. A story of an ordinary woman who fell in love and achieved heroic acts. The scenes were so well written I could smell the coffee and croissants. I loved the writing style of the Author and the characters were so real I could see them. A total page-turner. I thoroughly recommend this captivating read.