A gripping tale of the courage and heroism of Churchill’s “Few” based on true events. Perfect for fans of Robert Radcliffe and Laura Hillenbrand.

May 1940. The French and British armies are in retreat as Hitler’s blitzkrieg storms through France. Finally, they are beaten back to the coast at Dunkirk, with nowhere left to flee.
Churchill is determined to rescue as many men as possible, for without her army, Britain is sunk. A plan is hatched to evacuate the men from the beaches by sea, but it will take the combined strength of all the forces to ensure its success.

Sam, a young RAF pilot flies sorties daily over France, engaging the enemy in the skies over Dunkirk. He is determined to protect the men trapped on the beaches below, and give them a fighting chance of returning to home shores.
Day after day he returns to base when others do not. He witnesses friends shot down by the Luftwaffe, sometimes lost at sea. And each time he wonders when his luck will run out, yet still, he returns to the hell in the skies.

Survival is Victory.

2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. While the war still raged on in the Pacific, it was finally over for all in Europe and great celebrations rolled out around the world. Why not celebrate by reading a new book about those remarkable times, and in doing so, remember the “Few” who gave their all for us today. Lest We Forget.

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Released May 2020.

What Readers Are Saying

Breath taking, heart wrenching.

“A fabulous story based on history which puts you in the cockpit, the early morning wake up call, and the beer hall from the previous night. You stagger along with the pilot who has just exited his Spitfire to lean against its bullet riddled frame trying to regain his balance. Your heart will break as those pilots long for just one more time at home eating a meal with family and loved ones and wishing their roommate had made it back safely. A well written story from a delightful author who leaves no detail out.”

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

“A short adrenaline rush of a story. Having both parents in the RAF, I grew up on an early diet of Biggles and graduated to my all time favourite Reach For The Sky as well as The Dam Busters and Enemy Coast Ahead, to name just a couple.
This brief snapshot of a Spitfire pilot and his squadron’s sorties over Dunkirk brings back all those wonderful memories of the bravest of the brave. Thoroughly recommended for lovers of WWII flying.
Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars for a wonderful trip down memory lane.”