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On This Day in 1939

The Countdown To War - August 30th The British Foreign Office sends a message to Berlin following reports of German sabotage in Poland. Poland is mobilising for war. Posters throughout the towns summon all men up to the age of forty to enlist. Ambassador Sir Neville Henderson received minimum conditions of settlement from Hitler yesterday,… Continue reading On This Day in 1939


Nancy Wake, Gestapo’s Most Wanted by Suzy Henderson

"I hate wars and violence but if they come then I don't see why we women should just wave our men a proud goodbye and then knit them balaclavas." Nancy Augusta Wake. My novel, Madame Fiocca: A WWII Novel, is based on the life of Nancy Wake, the famous SOE heroine, journalist and French Resistance… Continue reading Nancy Wake, Gestapo’s Most Wanted by Suzy Henderson